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Eradicating the Average

Answering Complex Healthcare Questions Using Discrete Event Simulation


Laura Silvoy - Array Advisors

Laura Silvoy
Healthcare Systems Engineer

Laura is a Healthcare Systems Engineer with a passion for improvement. Laura’s background in architecture and engineering offers a unique blend of knowledge encompassing the built environment, improvement methodologies and technical analysis. Using simulation and process improvement tools, she strives to create a better patient experience by combining efficient work flows with effective spatial planning.


Across industries, architects rely on average utilization benchmarks to determine appropriate department sizes when planning a new facility. While these averages might adequately predict space for the design of an office building or parking lot, they sometimes fall short of accurately determining the amount of space needed for healthcare facilities. Especially as healthcare responds to the ever-changing market influencers such as insurance, technology and patient preferences.

This webinar dives deep into the current state of a facility wrestling with capacity and patient care issues. Scenario testing using discrete event simulation allowed the decision-makers to see census reality within the ED, transitional care unit and inpatient units to determine the best use of expansion dollars.

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